Choosing the right Quotation Software

quotation software
Choosing the right quotation software or proposal software for your organization can be a difficult and befuddling procedure. A few arrangements exist under the shifted marks of "quotation software", "proposal software", "quotation tool", and so forth.; unique Features, although there are some significant differences that make each better-suited to certain types of businesses. Determining the best solution for your business can involve several important considerations.

While desktop applications have justifies, an online item is perfect for quotation management. An online software arrangement gives the advantages of lessened upkeep (since there is no software to install or update), security and genuine feelings of serenity (with no need to worry about backups), and availability from anyplace, whenever. Backing is overseen by the merchant, and set-up time is for all intents and purposes moment.

Domex’s quotation software is suitable for generating quotations for multi-products with multi-specification and is eminently suitable business categories  

  • Marketing Agents 
  • Manufacturers business, 
  • Industrial Products Retailers 
  • Importers & Exporters
  • Distributors & Selling agents
  • Engineering Components, Stores & Spares
  • Chemicals distributors
  • IT / Computers Hardware, Software & Components
  • Electronics Equipment and Components
  • Automotive Components & Spares
  • Packaging Materials
  • all SME's 


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