What is Quotation Management Software?

Quotation software is specialized software used in each every, small to large industries for creating sales quotes and tenders. Rather than using Microsoft Word or Excel to create your quotes and proposals, you can benefit from a tool that is specialized for the task of creating quotes and proposals.

Domex Technical Information also have a Quoting Software named “EngQuote”. It enables companies to generate quick & accurate quotations, and consequently generate enquiries and convert them into orders. The process works on a simple to operate user interface that enables quick sign-off of sales proposals to customers. EngQuote helps streamline your sales processes (generating quotations and proforma invoices without loss of time), so that your sales team can focus on prospects and customers. This will give direction to your growing business with abilities to co-operate, communicate and connect proficiently with your customers and effectively understand their needs.

Basic Information about EngQuote :

Quotation : Increase quotation as simple as raising quotation. Personalize your quotation with the person name, designation, department and covering text, conclusion text. Target your new customers professionally.

Write Description : Specific notes like terms and conditions or any other information can be written at the bottom of quotation or quotation.

Edit Option : Made a mistake in Quotation or Bill? No problem. Simply edit the quotation or quotation and generate new one.

Taxes : Add Tax percentage to the tax master and let the software calculate the taxes. Mutiple tax options to raise quotation for multiple tax products.

Discounts : Giving Discounts? Add the discount percentage for individual item or to the total amount. If no discounts applied, quotation printout will not show any discount column.

Transaction : Get the completed report view of your sales, payments received and balance pending from the customer.

Reports : Complete reports for Quotation, all reports are date based, you can search for specific date range like one week or one month or one year or as you wish.

Scalable : If not sufficient with the options, call us and we will be happy to include your own needs.

Multiple Access : Same software can be used from any number of computers at the same time. Generate Bill from one computer, Track your payments from another computer.

Quotation Print : Raise Bill in few clicks. Just select the customer to whom you to give quotation. All the required fields will be automatically filled. Simply select the products you want to add in the quotation. All the calculations will be done automatically. Finally click the Save Button to see the print window. As easy as it is.

Software Solutions and Services from Domex Technical

Domex is a well-established software development and KPO / BPO company with over 20 years track record in servicing national and international customers. Domex is currently helping small and medium sized companies to automate their Marketing / Sales, Logistics Management, Project Site Management and HR Processes with its full suite of software solutions that include :

  • Multi product Quotation Management Software
  • Logistics industry software for Bonded Warehouses, CFS & ICDs
  • Project sites Monitoring & Management Software
  • Psychometric Assessments for corporate recruitment & training

Further, Domex has been a successful BPO / KPO services provider to global companies (UK, EU, USA & Japan) for over 18 years starting 1995. In 2010, Domex founders successfully hived off a part of its operations comprising a 350 employee STM information processing business to another business group.

Domex has been a pioneer in compiling information on 25 key sectors of the Indian industry / economy and this is offered via its portal / database to over 2,000 Indian & MNC companies. Domex is also a media partner to many leading trade fair companies.

Domex currently employs about 90 people consisting of software programmers, business analysts, psychometricians and domain specialists in diverse specialities. The company has production centers at Chennai, Mumbai and Coimbatore.